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” ….. your choice of words, the way you present your ideas, and the way you see life is just beautiful.” …. Canada

“Your poetry blows me away – this is poignantly beautiful.”  ….. British Virgin Islands

“Fantastic!” ….. South Africa

“This is so beautiful!! 🙂 Thank you SO much for sharing this and contributing such an incredible gift to my day.” ….. United States

“That’s beautiful!” ….. Ireland

“Absolutely soul-stirring and beautiful… it!” ….. United States

My writings span well over 40 years of experiential travel throughout much of the planet.  I spent 36 of those years without residential status in any land in which I lived during which time I wandered through over 70 countries and territories, sailed all but the Arctic and Southern Oceans,  traveled all the continents except Antarctica and Australasia, twice circumnavigated the globe, met the oldest known living animal in the world, worked on farms during an insurgent war in Africa, attacked by a rattle snake while hiking the Inca Trail, dived for sunken treasure in the Caribbean, experienced numerous hurricanes and, along with myriad other wonderful adventures, was utterly broke in more places than most people ever dream of seeing in a lifetime……  And through it all I wrote.

Caridian Press was developed as the medium through which those writings could be channeled and published.  This website is always going to be an on-going process as new material and technologies evolve, but hopefully it will provide a focal point for information and communication related to my writings, muses, wanderings and sojourns to which you might return often.

Wander round these pages to find out more about the books, related events and my travels.  And PLEASE SIGN THE GUEST BOOK  ………

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