Jim Scott

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“Your true inner spirit has been realized for the good of us all. Well done !!!” …. Antigua

“What a man of words, you are…… always to the point, always brilliant…….. Love your poems.”  ….. United States

Born in England and raised on the banks of a river in the Sussex countryside, from a young age I seemed to develop a strong spiritual connection with the natural realm.  Problem was I didn’t understand this until much later in life when this realization provided a catalyst and explanation for my disparate philosophies that didn’t seem to tie-in with much of mainstream thinking.


Up until I moved from Canada to my native England in 2015 after more than 4 decades of living around the world, I experienced as much rugged wilderness camping as I could, far from mainstream society. This allowed me to maintain a strong connection with nature and become grounded within the energies I find flowing there. From an early age I introduced my children to this extremely healthy pastime and some of my most enduring memories are from those back-country expeditions.

photoWorking with the natural realm in a variety of occupations, either on sea or land, as I’ve done for much of my life, developed a profound respect for the balance of how life is meant to be lived within the natural wisdom that governs the planet.  I hope this respect is represented in my writing where I’m not shy to criticize what I consider to be the synthetic, artificial worlds of cities, industry and the reliance upon financial success, all of which I reckon are leading humanity far off the path upon which it should be walking.  At the same time I’ll champion  environmental causes, bucolic lifestyles and indigenous groups who yet follow the Old Ways of natural balance.  Such views backed by so much experience of both aspects of human existence in many parts of the world, coupled with a keen interest in the written word has created the perfect opportunity to express what Ive seen and what I believe within the many stories, poems and essays I’ve written.

While travelling in South America I was able to be alone in Machu Picchu, the fabled Lost City of the Incas, as dawn broke. Such unique experiences are recounted in my stories but I don’t write as travelogue or memoir. I try to put the reader into the situation so they too can explore the philosophies and understandings that being there affords. Mostly I write in third person about my own adventures because I believe I’m not writing about myself but about the experiences, and therefore could just as easily be writing about anybody.

JS at helm 03The list of countries I’ve seen is a long one by anyone’s standards although I’m the first to admit that some, like Iraq, Iran, Norway, Namibia, Japan, India, Colombia, Mozambique were too short to truly experience the full essence of the place.  Yet there were so many others, Morocco, British Virgin Islands, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Peru, Gibraltar, America, South Africa,  Antigua, Canada, Portugal, Bahamas, Canada and plenty more where my sojourns were lengthy enough for adventures to be lived and philosophies to be developed about them.  It is from my experiences and adventures among such disparate cultures, landscapes, politics and economies that the stories and verses in my books were forged.

I’ve twice circumnavigated the globe, sailed each of the three major oceans multiple times on various craft from an old wooden schooner to a 45,000 ton bulk carrier, an Italian President’s 33 meter super-yacht to an ocean racing yawl. Navigation and seamanship comprise my only formal training but the uncountable and incredibly broad range of experiences encountered through my rather unique life have provided, in my view, an education that no university could replicate. 

Asleep on tree

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