His Secret Mistress

Much can be inferred about a man from his mistress: in her one beholds his weaknesses and his dreams.

 ….. George C. Lichtenberg


His Secret Mistress

This is a tale of an immoral male

With a love that he keeps on the side.

Who at every chance will exploit that romance

That he hasn’t a choice but to hide.

His wife of twelve years always fills him with fears

For there’s no way that she understands it.

So he tells her his lies and then goes to his prize

Every time that his lover demands it.

He knows she’ll be there quietly waiting just where

He had kissed her goodbye the last time.

The thought of that place brings a smile to his face

As he savours his secretive past time

When he goes to great pains with his shackles and chains

And his ropes and his bindings and lashings.

Though he knows it’s all wrong, the excitement is strong

When releasing those deep hidden passions.

While he loves well his wife, he’s this other half life

That he craves every day that he’s waking.

And he knows it’s not right when the money is tight

To be splitting the wages he’s making.

But his lover’s not cheap if he needs her to keep

Looking good like he wants when he sees her.

So he scrimps and he saves for the one that he craves,

And he hopes that his purchases please her.

But when they’re alone, just the two on their own,

He knows that her worth can’t be measured.

He hasn’t a care what it cost to be there

When he’s being so royally pleasured.

She’s curvy and fast, built for fun that can last,

And she gives him the joys that he yearns for.

And she treats him so well that he always can tell

That he’ll get what he always returns for.

Yet he knows in his heart that when they are apart

One fine day he will have to stop lying.

And his wife will find out just what he’s been about

With the life on the side he’s been trying.

And what’ll he do when he finally comes true

That those evenings weren’t spent down the pub?

But were all spent afloat on that thirty foot boat

That he keeps at the local yacht club.

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