Mother’s Day

In case anyone across the pond wonders why I chose to put this here today, it’s because in North America it’s Mother’s Day.

“I shall never forget my mother, for it was she who
planted and nurtured the first seeds of good within me.”
…Immanuel Kant


Another day departed, and with it she is gone.
Her journey, long since started, once more has traveled on
To distant lands beyond our sight. To just the other side of night
Where dawn is always waiting, bright and pure.
She wouldn’t want our sorrow, nor have us know the pain
That come the next tomorrow she’d be not here again,
So thus, though gone, her warmth will stay to walk with us another day.
To help the one’s she loved so well endure.

We feel her close around us. We sense her silent breath.
We know the love that bound us cannot be lost to death.
We know that ere we walk this earth, the one who chose to give us birth
Remains in every step our lives will take.
Beyond the unseen ranges though now her feet may tread,
Her love shall bear no changes, our hearts need bear no dread.
For she’s prepared us well to live. To love. To laugh. To freely give.
To learn, not run, from each mistake we’ll make.

Now sailed beyond our vision, to reach another shore.
Accomplished in the mission she chose to come here for.
Completing well her earthly tasks, she’s gone to where her spirit asks
That she may help some others find their way.
We watched while she was leaving ‘till gone from mortal view.
Though sad, we were not grieving, for something in us knew
That though her earthly life be done, as ours her path has just begun
…And paths will cross again…
…Another day…

(This one is included in Book 3 “The Songs and Verses”)