For the Seasons Come and Go

For the Seasons Come and Go


Now the trees upon the ridge shed their autumn shrouds.

See the fallen red and gold.   Feel the nights start turning cold.

Bring the blankets from the drawer.  Watch those northern clouds,

Now the nights are getting longer every day.

Fetch the cordwood from the yard to a dryer space.

Check the water pipes won’t freeze.  Feel the sharp edge to the breeze.

Take your son on one last camp to your favourite place,

Then put canoes and summer thoughts away.


For the seasons come and go,

And you have to take the changes as they turn.

Winter freeze or summer burn.

When the warmth has turned to snow

You should have the winter planned out in your mind.

You should never fall behind

For the seasons won’t be kind if you don’t learn.


Bring the snowplough from the barn to the garage door.

Buy the wife another fleece.  Watch the southbound flights of geese.

Lay the feed in for the heard, order plenty more

For the weather channel’s warnings are severe.

Feel the ground start turning hard when the rains don’t fall.

See the silver on the lawn glisten more with every dawn.

Watch the squirrels build their nests.  Hear the ravens call,

Telling soon will be the ending of the year.


For the seasons come and go

And you have to change to suit their different needs.

Reap your crops or plant your seeds.

And their moods you have to know

For you must obey each need that they demand

And you have to understand

That when nature’s in command you can’t be slow.


So zip the lining in your coat.  Bring the seedlings in.

Check the lad’s boots aren’t your own, for his feet have surely grown.

See the salt trucks standing by as the snows begin.

Think of everything you still might need to do.

For your parents taught you well, through your growing days,

As you learned of nature’s truth, through the lessons of your youth.

So bring your boy up to the fire, teach him well those ways,

The time is come for him to know them too.


 For the seasons come and go

And the same as summer sun gives way to frost

So young innocence is lost,

And each year your son will grow

‘Till the day when he’ll be standing on his own,

Facing winter’s cold alone,

Giving thanks for all you’d shown he’d need to know.


 So now prepare him for that change as the seasons turn.

Fill his head with all he’ll need.  Plough the earth and plant the seed.

Show him well at every chance all he’ll need to learn,

For the winter will be here before you know.

See him grown to be a man.  Breath a saddened sigh.

Now you’ve helped him all you can you must follow nature’s plan,

And shake his hand and turn away as he says good bye.

For like summer’s warmth in fall he’s bound to go.